Why Fresh?

Why Fresh?

Well, why not?

I remember these vine leaf rolls my mum had made. I was 19 and forever hungry. They were so delicious, so moreish and she’d made so many. I took them and kept eating for days. On the fourth day, I went “Ooh, last six! Happy days. Mmm, these taste yummy still, different, a bit like mussels, but still. Nom nom nom…”

I regretted those last six… and learnt a lesson on freshness, pretty swiftly.

When it comes to skin care our conviction is not much different. Freshness is our driving motivation and our promise as a company. At PLANT we see skin care as nutrition for the skin. As such we approach it with the same principles as one would a nutritional item. First of all, all our formulas are food-grade and so natural you could eat them. For your post-apocalyptic survivalist needs, that’s two birds with one stone. Moisturise your visage in the night then spread the rest on your morning toast…

Jokes aside, we seriously believe that what we put on our skin must be safe enough to ingest. Not only because what we put on our skin is absorbed into our system but also because what we eat is what makes our body, including our skin. So, chemically speaking, edible ingredients are familiar to the skin. In that sense, it is a measure to make our products friendly to sensitive skin profiles by eliminating the risk of reactions to and discomfort from synthetic ingredients.

Furthermore, making your products fresh to your order enables us to use natural, organic ingredients rather than artificial, synthetic ones that are designed to sit on a shelf for a long time. And in that long, long time, if even the mold and bacteria don’t want to consume that product, neither should you.

On another note, using natural, organic ingredients in skin care requires preservation. When you are producing for supermarket shelves or shop windows, you need to factor in long periods of shelf time and introduce into the formula preservatives. Now, we are not against preservatives. We use one too. The thing is what takes place in a preservative-free formula, what with oxidation, rancidity, bacterial activity and molding, you’d probably be better off using some preservatives after all.

Luckily, there are natural alternatives for preservation. For instance, we use a food-grade preservative derived from corn called Geogard, along with vitamin E. Geogard is a broad-spectrum preservative meaning; it inhibits a large variety of bacterial and fungal activity. But because we make our products fresh to your order, knowing that they will be used pretty much instantly, we are in a position to keep the amount of preservatives to a minimum. The percentage of Geogard in our products is no more than 0.45%, which is a tiny amount yet just enough to grant PLANT products a good 6 months life when opened and 12 months while still sealed.

So why fresh? Well, why not? Why not, indeed?

Vine leaf rolls, anyone?

Ekrem @ PLANT

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